January 9, 2016



Review by Holly from Bagamoyo, Tanzania: 

“The teacher training with Marisa was amazing. It blew all expectations out of the water. I was a little nervous before coming, but I needn’t have been because it was one of the best months I have ever had. The people on the course were amazing. The place we were staying was beautiful. The food was delicious and Marisa is just the most beautiful and inspirational woman ever. The yoga was hard work but great fun. Plus the lectures were interesting. Everything was spot-on. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I made some friends for life and cannot wait to get back to Zanzibar for more yoga!”

Review by Fawzia: 

“I went into the yoga teacher training course at Yoga Zanzibar not really knowing what to expect, but had hoped for an experience that would strengthen my practice. What I received completely exceeded any expectations and resulted in a completely magical experience that has changed my life (for the better) forever.
Marisa’s approach to teaching the course, the ways in which it was structured and delivered was really comprehensive, but at the same time, left enough time/space for everyone to go at their own pace. Packing a 200hr course into 28 days is intense and it required a level of dedication and commitment that I don’t think many of us were prepared for. The sense of accomplishment that everyone felt when we actually did it was amazing, and will have a lasting and profound impact on how we move forward in all aspects of life, love, and yoga 🙂
Three days later, and I’m still trying to process it all. I know that the waves of understanding, continued learning, diligent yoga practice, and truthful teaching will continue to flow in their own time, and at their own pace.
Marisa, my darling liefie, your inner light shines so bright, and I’m forever grateful to have been touched by it. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”

Dimah Gasim – USA 


The anatomy part of the 200 hour training was very informative. It put into perspective the physiological and biological elements of yoga. This was particularly useful for me as I do not have extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, but as a yoga student have always found it valuable to learn from instructors how various poses affect the human body. My favorite part of the anatomy classes was getting a stronger sense of just how unique every individual’s body is. This tied to yogic philosophical notions of universality and oneness, while simultaneously acknowledging individual uniqueness (manifested physically) was so fascinating to me – and highly illuminating. Since the training has ended, I have revisited notes as well as the textual material several times to supplement my own practice as well as classes I have since taught.


This aspect of the yoga training was essential to my growth experience and practice. The reading and class discussions were very thought provoking. The lecturer, Neha Erasmus, was also very useful in articulating yogic philosophy in terms the reading materials were unable to clearly address. Having someone available, for inquiries and further philosophical probing, with decades’ long experience studying Patangali was brilliant. It has perhaps made the philosophy aspect of the training all the more enriching.

Practical practice

I have had the opportunity to practice my teaching as part of the training through the practical practice. This has been instrumental to a number of things which include, having a practical understanding of teaching, gaining confidence, understanding better my own areas of strength and weakness in front of a class, and so much more. In my opinion, this should be a required aspect of any and every teacher training – I am very happy that it was included in my yoga training experience.

Physical practice-

It is well known that one cannot adequately teach yoga if their personal physical practice isn’t kept alive and maintained. Furthermore, lessons and opportunities to grow and further understand yoga’s physical elements are limitless – therefore, this facet of the Art and Science YTT was infinitely essential. Not to mention, the opportunity to practice with Marisa in such a beautiful location such as Zanzibar every single day was simply therapeutic and an absolute gift.

Overall Experience

My overall experience during this training was wonderful. There are no other words to describe a treasure this training was — I am extremely satisfied with my experience